📺 Sean’s WMC Backup

Stand-alone .exe, No installing!
Back-up/Restore your recording schedule
Back-up/Restore your channel lineup (⛔ experimental)
Query your list of recordings
Quick and easy

Advanced features –
Force Guide update
WMC Factory Reset
Adjust Live TV Pause Buffer
Adjust Skip Ahead Interval
Adjust Instant Replay Interval

If you are looking for a tool to modify your tuner/channel lineup, checkout 1geek1’s Guidetool.  Hosting their last version here for posterity.)

Sean’s WMC Backup



– Removed .WTV copy tab (useless)
– Added ‘Tweak’ tab allowing to tweak the following:
-Live TV Pause Buffer
-Skip Interval
-Replay Interval
– Updated media browser link to point to MediaBrowser3
– Reports Detected Media Center Version

-added ability to backup TV shows (a little clunky right now, does not currently verify destination free space.. will improve)
-added some bookmarks to assist with a fresh load re-install of Windows/WMC

-added ability to clear tuner remnants (this allows you to have the option to forcibly restore, does not affect active media center data)
-Media center factory reset option now removes tuner remnants to ensure restore option is available afterwards

-added ability to backup/restore Channel Lineup
-added ability to run force MCupdate package download (prior it would only check for update)
-improved logic backing up the most recent data

-added ability to see if a show is marked for ‘any channel’ (soon will have the ability to toggle from the app)
-added support for running windows on any drive letter (feedback welcome as I currently am unable to test this ability)

-added advanced commands dropdown
-manually force MC7 update
-perform factory reset on MC7

-revamped UI
-fixed backup button not working glitches
-ability to call a guide update after import
-sortable columns
-lists channel #s
-view previously backed up file before importing it

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